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De La Salle College Visit

// 11 Apr 2018

First and second year students at the De La Salle College, Dundalk, were treated to a Q&A session with Dundalk FC first-team players, Stephen O’Donnell, Brian Gartland, Stephen Folan and Ronan Murray, in conjunction with Fyffes Fit Squad, on Wednesday morning.

The pupils took part in a number of various exercises and learned the benefit of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, before speaking with the Lilywhites on what it takes to become a professional footballer.

Captain, Stephen O’Donnell, told dundalkfc.com after the session: “It was very good. It’s a good initiative to get the youngsters in to learning a bit about healthy living, healthy eating and training even if you are not sportsperson then just for mental health alone.

“Doing exercise and healthy eating helps that a lot – so it’s great to be involved with Dundalk FC to help out on that front for the younger people coming through.”

Defender, Stephen Folan, stated it “went well” when speaking afterwards. “Obviously it’s good to get out in to the community and speak to the kids about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. I think it’s very important especially at this age as they can hone in on their diet and lifestyle which are very important leading into the future,” he said.

“Having a healthy diet even in school means that you won’t be low on energy in class so it’s important for the kids to understand what they are putting in to their bodies.”


Brian Gartland added, “It’s a brilliant initiative going in to the schools. It’s something that really needs to be done in this country to tackle obesity and read about educate themselves on their diet.

“Especially with the way that society has gone now with foods so it is good to know what you’re eating and putting in your body.”

New signing, Ronan Murray, told the website: “It’s great for Fyffes to come in and give the classes an exercise class and give them a talk on nutrition and how it can benefit them in their daily lives.”

Dundalk FC Community Officer, Liam Burns, expressed his gratitude to the many people who helped make the morning such a huge success.

“Firstly I’d like to thank Padraig Staunton and the De La Salle for welcoming us this morning and Fyffes for providing the water and fruit” said Burns.

“The sessions were very enjoyable and beneficial to the kids who took part and hopefully they can maybe take something from the session and use the exercise in their day to day life. It was good to see so many Dundalk FC supporters asking the players questions on what it takes to become a professional footballer.”

De La Salle College, PE Teacher, Padraig Staunton, was pleased with how the sessions went. “I think it went very well, we just had our first and second year students today. We got cancelled for the health week which was two weeks ago when we had severe snow,” he said.

“The kids were engaged and Tom from Titan Experience seemed to be getting them going well and then from the point of view of Dundalk FC – the players with the questions and answers they were really able to get the kids engaged again with what they do before and after games – it went really well and we are very happy with it.”

Fyffes Sales and Marketing Manager, Emma Hunt-Duffy, concluded by saying: “I think it went great. The kids were really involved and engaged with Tom who is our trainer and nutritionist – who put them through their paces with the exercises and they all seem to be having fun.

“It’s great to have the Dundalk FC players to take part in a Q&A session and also getting involved in some of the training.

“I think it’s fantastic that the kids are having an opportunity to see these guys face to face and it gives them a better understanding of what their week looks like and their training, nutrition and sleep. I guess we see them for the 90 minutes there is a lot more that goes on.”