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Dundalk Credit Union Community Support Fund

// 4 Dec 2018

Dundalk Credit Union have announced a significant expansion of their Community Support Fund that will see an increased number of charitable, voluntary, community and local enterprise organisations receive donations totalling €100,000 in 2018 – their 50th anniversary year.

Over 30 organisations that provide hugely valuable and important services to the community across a significant range of activities will benefit from the expansion of the Credit Union’s Community Support Fund, which is the primary vehicle under which donations made by the member-owned, member-controlled Credit Union are facilitated.

Dundalk Credit Union has a proud history of giving back to the community since it was founded 50 years ago in 1968. The importance it has placed on giving back to the community, on behalf of its members, is an integral part of its ethos.

The increased scale of the Dundalk Credit Union Community Support Fund will see investment and support across a wide range of voluntary, charity, community, cultural and enterprise development organisations and projects, all of which contribute immensely to the well-being of the community and also the local economy, and all of which are sure to put the additional funding to excellent use for the betterment of the community and the local economy.

The beneficiaries from the Dundalk Credit Union Community Support Fund will receive their funding over the next number of weeks, assuring them of valuable support and ensuring they can get their plans for 2019 off to a fast start.

Speaking in advance of the launch of the 2018 Community Support Fund Paddy Donnelly, Chairman, Dundalk Credit Union, said “We place great importance on giving back to our community because we believe that by doing so, we build a stronger, more sustainable community. It’s what we have always done and what we will continue to do in our next 50 years”.