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Dundalk FC Statement

Club News
// 7 Nov 2012

Dundalk FC today received notification from the FAI and Waterford United that an objection had been officially lodged regarding the registration of Michael Rafter.

We are aware that this has caused concern with Dundalk supporters and with Michael himself.

We would like to reassure all Dundalk supporters that Michael’s registration is valid.

Michael was signed on professional terms on February 19th 2012. The deadline for signing amateur players on professional terms was February 22nd 2012. Waterford United’s contention that this deal should have been concluded by January 31st is incorrect. January 31st was the deadline for signing players on amateur terms.

Waterford United Football Club have based their complaint on Rule 34. This states:

“The two transfer periods for the Amateur game shall be 1st June to 30th September inclusive and the 1st December to the 31st of January inclusive… However, an Amateur Player may be signed on a Professional Contract for the Professional Game during the Professional Registration Periods.”

As Dundalk Football Club signed Michael Rafter on professional terms during the professional registration period that expired on February 22nd we believe that this objection has no merit.

Furthermore on February 29th, Dundalk FC received official notification from the FAI that Michael was fully registered with the club from February 21st onwards.

The club is continuing to prepare for the 2013 Airtricity League Premier Division and will update supporters on any further developments.