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Dundalk Welcome Rehab Care

First Team News
// 15 Oct 2019

Dundalk FC had visitors on Tuesday morning when Stillorglan Rehab Care attended training.

The Lilywhites welcomed two members from the centre who are massive Dundalk FC fans.

Kevin, who attends all matches at Oriel, was delighted to meet the squad including Head Coach Vinny Perth, Patrick McEleney and his favourite player Gary Rogers who gifted him a pair of gloves.

Dundalk Community Officer Liam Burns was thrilled to welcome the group to Oriel Park and is always pleased to accommodate such visits.

“We were delighted to welcome Stillorglan Rehab Care to Oriel Park. These initiatives are important to us as a football club and it continues to show our community spirit.

“The group enjoyed their time at training this morning and got to meet the players which was a great experience.

“We will always endeavour to accommodate these groups to visit and look forward to them in the future.”