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Jamie McGrath: Q&A

First Team News
// 9 Nov 2017

Dundalk FC midfielder, Jamie McGrath, answered a series of questions with dundalkfc.com. The Meath man was in excellent form in his first season at Oriel Park netting 7 goals and playing his part in all competitions.

Who in the Dundalk FC squad do you think works the hardest at training?

It’s hard to say who works the hardest in training because everyone puts in a good shift. There are a good few of us stay back after training, but I would have to say Davy McMillan probably, he’s always nearly the last man in.

Who is the most skilful player you have played with?

Definitely Patrick McEleney. Some of the things you see from Fats in match days and training is a joke. He always produces something outrageous.

Who is the best player you’ve ever played against?

It’s a tough choice! It’s a toss-up between Andreas Pereira who was at Manchester United at the time and is now on loan with Valencia CF, or Manchester City’s Leroy Sané. I’d probably have to go with Pereira though! Never seen a player like him.

Would you rather win the World Cup or the UEFA Champions League?

Definitely winning the World Cup. Winning something like that for your country would be incredible and the celebrations after would be something that’s never seen before.

If Dundalk FC could sign a player from the past or the present who would you pick to play alongside?

It would have to be Steven Gerrard! I am a Liverpool fan and grew up watching Stevie G. The man was the complete midfielder.

If you could play one game from the history of football, what would it be?

Again being a Liverpool fan it would have to be the UEFA Champions League final in 2005. Gives me goose bumps every time I watch it.

Who has the worst taste in fashion in the Dundalk FC dressing room?

There’s no one that sticks out in my mind really. John Mountney and Ben Kelly are the one that definitely cause controversy in the changing room. If I had to say then it’d probably be Robbie Benson. His ‘comfy pants’ were some sight.

If you were to pick a 5-a-side team, what players in world football would you pick?

In nets I’d have Gianluigi Buffon, the 4 outfield players would be Ronaldinho, Kaká, Pablo Aimar and Fernando Torres.  Not much defence but with that team you wouldn’t need it.

Who has the strangest superstition in the Dundalk FC dressing room, and what is it?

It would probably be the tradition of tea and biscuits that the Dundalk based lads have the night before a game. Not too many other I can think of.

Who is your toughest opponent in training?

I’d have to say Seán Hoare. I have been playing and training with him for a good few years now and you’re always in for a tough time up against him.

Do you have any advice for younger kids wanting to become a football player?

Just make sure that you are enjoying it. If you aren’t happy doing what you’re doing, then there’s no point. It takes a lot of sacrifice so just make sure you enjoy it.

If you can have one superpower what would it be?

It would probably be invisibility. The perks of that power would be pretty great.

What’s your biggest influence in life and what drives you to become better?

It would have to be my Mam and Dad. They have been incredibly supportive since I started playing football in Dublin from a young age, and still are today. It’d have to be to make them proud for what they’ve sacrificed for me throughout the years.

What goes through your mind when you walk out at Oriel Park before a game?

Just picturing yourself getting good touches early on and playing your way into the match.

What is your usual routine before a match? Any rituals or music you listen to?

Before home games it’s routine to go upstairs and drink tea and coffee together. Then me and Seán Gannon “The Monster Crew” both get a can of monster and drink it before the game. That’s it really.