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Kenny Pays Tribute To Staff

First Team News
// 10 Oct 2018

Dundalk FC Manager, Stephen Kenny, has paid tribute to the collective effort of his backroom team and everyone at the club.

The Coaching Team

Vinny Perth

Assistant Manager, Vinny Perth, has been with us since day one and it has been a great six seasons. He has played a big role over the six years and certainly this season again he has been an important part of everything that is going on at the club.

He is a terrific coach, has been brilliant in the dressing room this year and his contribution is very much appreciated.

Steve Williams

Steve has been with us for six seasons as Goalkeeping Coach, he has a great mentality and a high work ethic. He is a really good technical coach and has a great rapport with the goalkeepers.

He deserves credit for his contribution at the club and his attitude every single day coming in.

Ruaidhrí Higgins

It’s an unusual situation from Ruaidhrí. He won a league title as a player here in 2014, this is his first league title as a coach. He came in as Head of Match Analysis for the opposition and is also part of the coaching team here. It’s a great achievement for him to win the league as a player and as a coach with us, and his contribution should be acknowledged.

The Medical Team

Dr. David Connolly

Doctor David Connolly, has been available to everyone in terms of his expertise in sports injuries, general medical health and day-to-day medical issues as well as sports injuries. He has been a friend to everyone at the club and he is someone that all the players feel very comfortable with.

He has great experience as a doctor and has a very modern mindset. He is always evolving and updating himself with the latest medical sporting courses, all the time updating his knowledge and passing it on to everyone at the club.

Danny Miller – Physiotherapist

It’s the first league title for Danny. Danny has made a great contribution this year coming in, this is his first season at the club. He has shown a phenomenal attitude and has been a pivotal part of the team this year. Danny has been very innovative, has a great attention to detail and his assessment of injuries is brilliant.

Every player works phenomenally hard coming back and is fit coming back into the squad. He has a very high level of professionalism and has been a real joy to deal with.

Sam Rice – Athletic Therapist

Again, Sam has been here since 2015. He loves the club and has been very passionate about Dundalk FC. Sam gives the players undivided attention and is there for them nearly 24/7. He has an incredible work ethic and his work is always of the highest quality. We have been very lucky to have him, he has never given less than 100% in my time here – he is so committed.

Sometimes when I look at the medical team and I am motivated by how hard they work, and that inspires everyone. Their level of professionalism and how hard they work, that inspires me to do better.

The Sports Science Team

Eoin Clarkin – Strength & Conditioning Coach

This is the sports science teams first league title. For Eoin, it was a real baptism of fire coming in for him and he has passed with flying colours. He is extremely organised, very popular within the group and works on individual detail in the various programmes he has devised for the players. He has been very professional and it has been a great first season for him.

David Maguire – Sport Scientist

David has come in and looked after the whole StatSports element which we have developed this year more and more. We have really developed our sport science role this year within the team, monitoring our training loads and playing loads of all the individuals all over the season. David has also been brilliant working with Ruaidhrí Higgins in the area of sport video analysis.

Steve, David, Sam and Doctor Connolly are all based in County Louth and Danny has his business in Louth, so they are all based in the locality and they have all made a big contribution overall.

Noel Walsh – Kit & Equipment Manager

Noel has been our Kit and Equipment Manager for the last seven seasons, he is very professional behind the scenes and has a great rapport with the players.

Harry Taaffe – Videographer

Harry usually has the coldest seat in the ground as our videographer when he is videoing all of our games and is always available to help in every aspect of the team.

Underage Management

I would also like to extend my thanks to the Under-19 Manager, Mick Neville, Under-17 Manager, Liam Burns, and Under-15 Manager, Tiarnán Mulvenna, and all of their assistant coaches for their brilliant work, commitment and developing the young players throughout the year.

Picture credit: Sportsfile & Ciaran Culligan