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Leahy | Settling In

First Team News
// 10 Jan 2020

The first week of pre-season training 2020 is almost finished at Dundalk Football Club with preparations kicking into gear ahead of the new season.

As always, people look to the new faces in the squad and see what sort of impact they may have over the course of the season.

Darragh Leahy is one of those and he reflected to dundalkfc.com on his first few days in training and had special word of praise for his new car mates in helping him familiarise in his new surroundings.

“I have settled in really well. The lads are all very good with me and easy to get on with, especially Dano Kelly and Seán Gannon as we are in a car school together now which is very handy.

“Pre-season has been a little different for myself as I haven’t trained with the group yet as I’m coming back from my injury. I have been working very hard with the two physios who are excellent with me.

“Hopefully I’m not too far off it now I’m terms of getting back in amongst it – but yeah, it feels so good to get the boots back on and back on the pitch (even if it is do to running).”

There is another session in the morning to conclude the first week with all players taking part in some shape or form on the training pitch.

There hasn’t been any sort of drop off in intensity since the end of the campaign and that was noticeable as the players completed their sessions.

Leahy admitted that it was the most difficult pre-season he has ever undertaken but is happy with the challenge and is looking forward to spending a portion of it in Spain in the coming weeks to integrate fully with training.

“To be honest it’s probably tougher then previous pre-seasons that I have done. Again, it’s slightly different for me as I’m working with the physios but the lads have been saying, and I have been watching the work they’ve been doing which is high intensity.

“Obviously it’s different in terms of we are going abroad to Spain for a week which I’m really looking forward to and I cant wait to hopefully get back into the group again and start training with them.”