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Important Match Information For All

Club News
// 23 Oct 2014

Matchday Information

Dundalk Football Club are incredibly proud and excited to be welcoming a full sell-out crowd to Oriel Park on Friday night. For all supporters who are attending the match we would like to offer the following important pieces of information.

  • The match is sold out. There are absolutely no tickets left for this match.
  • The match is live on RTE2 and will also be shown on the big screen in Dundalk Town Square.
  • You will not gain access to the area surrounding Oriel Park unless you have a match ticket.
  • Oriel Park will be locked down from very early in the afternoon. Apart from people working at the match, nobody will gain access to the area surrounding Oriel Park from that point without a match ticket.
  • This match will have upwards of 5,000 people in attendance. We are asking all supporters to please co-operate with all security personnel at the match. They are there to ensure that everybody can enjoy the game safely.
  • We are requesting that all supporters make a major effort to be in your seat one hour before the 7.45 kick-off.
  • Not only will this help create the type of atmosphere we desire before the match, but also will significantly reduce delays for supporters entering the match.
  • The Lilywhite Lounge will be opened from 6PM for pre-match refreshments. A Match/Season ticket will be needed for entry into the clubs bar.

Entry Points

  • All Dundalk fans enter via the normal entrance beside the garage.
  • All Cork fans enter via the away supporter lane way on the Carrick Road side of the ground as indicated on the map.

OrielParkMap (3)

Message For Supporters who wish to watch the match from the Shed.

  • If you want to watch the match from the shed we are advising that you, in particular, should be as early as possible before the match.
  • Restrictions exist for the capacity for each part of the stadium, and it is likely that the Shed will fill up first. So, again, be there one hour before the match.

For Supporters who purchased tickets for the Hiney Park Temporary Stand

  • Dundalk FC went to great expense to install a temporary stand in order to accommodate an extra 900 supporters.
  • We are asking people who purchased tickets for this stand to not attempt to go to other areas of the ground.
  • Stewards will be checking tickets in the ground and ticket holders will not be able to base themselves in the Shed.
  • This stand probably offers the best seats and views in the stadium! So please again arrive in good time to take your seat.
  • Supporters with tickets for this stand enter via the normal turnstiles for home supporters and must walk around past the Shed – Security will assist you in this regard.

Are you a Cork fan with a ticket to the Dundalk end?

  • As this is a Category A match strict segregation is in place.
  • Regardless of how you got your ticket, you will not gain entrance to the Dundalk section of the ground if you are a Cork supporter. Please go to the away section with other Cork fans for admission to the match.
  • Any Cork supporters that manage to get into the Dundalk section of the crowd will be escorted to the away supporter area.

Are you an adult or a teenage Dundalk fan who has a juvenile ticket?

  • You will not gain admission to the match if you have the wrong category of ticket.
  • However, there will be a hatch that will allow you to pay the difference and enter into the match. Juvenile tickets are STRICTLY for children of 12 years and under.

Message for Cork Fans

  • All Cork City supporters, for both ground and stand, enter via the Carrick Road side entrance (see map above).
  • Stand Ticket holders gain access to the stand via the entrance by the away supporter terrace. Security personnel will assist you in this regard. You will need your stand ticket to enter the stand.
  • Toilet facilities for Cork fans will be located beside the away terrace and near the stand entrance. Cork fans in the stand can avail of the facilities at in the terrace area and must show their stand ticket to gain re-admission to the stand.
  • The weather forecast appears to be good tomorrow. However, Oriel Park is an old stadium and does not offer covered terraces for away fans. Please bring a raincoat!

No Flares!

  • There is going to be an incredible atmosphere at this match and there absolutely no need for any pyros. There has been a major improvement with the use of flares but since we are close to Halloween we feel we need to repeat that want all fans to be able to watch this match safely and under no circumstances should any flares or pyros be used.

Bring the Noise!


We are asking all Dundalk supporters to bring all the noise and passion that we know you are capable of! Stephen Kenny and this fantastic group of players have represented our town magnificently and it’s important that all supporters get behind them from the very first kick to the last!