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Pingu Prepares for Second American Spell

First Team News
// 19 Aug 2011

Dean Arrowsmith has left his position as Community Coach at Dundalk FC, with the 22-year-old set to enjoy his second spell in the United States. Arrowsmith has been with the club since returning home in November 2009, having spent five months in Chicago. This Monday, he will return to the Illinois city, where he will again work with Chicago Fire, albeit with a different company as he joins Youth Elite Soccer on a ten-week coaching programme.

Feeder club
Arrowsmith, who first worked with Dundalk in 2008, has explained his reasons for the move, while he has praised Paul Johnston, Ian Foster, Darius Kierans, Wayne Hatswell and Peter Cherrie for their help. “I got offered ten weeks work with a company called Youth Elite Soccer,” Dean told dundalkfc.com. “They’re a good company. They’re officially affiliated with Chicago Fire in the MLS. Basically what I’m doing is going to a feeder club for them where I’m going to be coaching on a programme, myself and a chap from England.

American chance
“Ever since I started at the club two years ago on a more or less full-time basis, I’ve had the opportunity to go back out and I kept turning it down,” Arrowsmith added. “It keeps presenting itself so I thought this time ten weeks isn’t a long time so it probably gives me a chance to get it out of my system maybe and I can decide then after ten weeks what I want to do. The last time I was in America, I enjoyed it, although I did get homesick. Just before I went to America is when I really got involved with Dundalk, our first season back in the Premier Division. That was a great experience as well. When I was out there I missed home.

Mixed emotions
“Obviously, you miss the club too,” he continued. “I have been involved with the club a long time now. Even this time when I’m going, I’m really going to miss the club. It’s kind of mixed emotions. I’m devastated to be leaving but I’m excited to be going out there and getting to coach again on a more full-time basis. I finish here tonight (Friday), I fly out on Sunday and start Monday, so there is no rest at all. I’m starting straight away. I’m back in the middle of November. I think I have a chance then if I want to go back out after Christmas – that opportunity is there. I’ll make up my mind in the ten weeks that I’m there.

“The good thing about it just being ten weeks is that I don’t really get that much time to miss home,” Dean added, before explaining his role. “The last time, in or around the ten weeks, I was looking forward to getting home, but I was out there for another ten weeks. It’s coaching every day, Monday to Friday. I’d say that I’ll have about ten or 11 teams, and then on a Saturday they’ll be playing against each other, so I’ll have to go and lend a hand to the coaches because a lot of the coaches out there are parents and they’re inexperienced. They’re just coaching because their children are playing on the teams.” Arrowsmith is unsure whether or not he will return to Dundalk when he comes back to Ireland in November, though his future will become clearer over the next ten weeks.

In a heartbeat
“I don’t know what the story is at the minute,” Pingu said. “I’d love to say that I will be back but it just depends on how the ten weeks go. If an opportunity presents itself here, of course I’ll be back. I’ll be back in a heartbeat. I’ve loved every minute of my time here, especially the last two years when I’ve been involved with the first team. When you work with people like Ian, Darius, and Hats last year, it’s great because you get to see how a professional club is run. You get to see training sessions every day. That has probably been the biggest gripe for me the last while, that I haven’t had the chance to coach every day. At least when I’m out there for ten weeks, I’m going to get that opportunity. I can bring what I’ve learned from the three lads and use that.”

Arrowsmith will again link up with Brian Roberts in Chicago, and he concluded by thanking the club, as he prepares to fly out on Sunday. “Brian Roberts, the Player Development Officer for Chicago Fire, was my boss the last time I was out there,” he explained. “He’s from Dublin, a Shamrock Rovers fan, so there’s a bit of craic there, giving him abuse! I just want to say thanks to everyone at the club. I want to say thanks to Paul Johnston in particular, and Ian, Darius and Peter Cherrie. I have learned a lot from Ian over the past two seasons and he gave me a tremendous opportunity to work with a professional team. Darius has been a big help; to be honest, Darius is the one that helped me make my decision. He has been a big help this season and has pushed me to coach as much as I can. I want to thank Peter Cherrie as well; he has always been a good friend since I’ve been here. I’m hoping to get his gloves at the end of the match tonight! Haha. Also, I want to thank the fans because they’re always very accommodating when I’m out around town.”

Everyone at Dundalk FC would like to wish Dean the best of luck in the States and thank him for his hard work and commitment during his time at the club. Safe trip and Good Luck Pingu!