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Trophy Visit Local Schools

// 4 Dec 2019

The trophies were busy again today with visits to Dundalk Grammar School and O’Fiaich College.

First up they made the trip to the Grammar School where Community Officer Liam Burns took them for a visit and also gave a talk to students and Q&A on his journey from academia to football management.

Then they went to O’Fiaich College where they were joined by Head Coach Vinny Perth who also gave a talk to students on his life and how working hard in school will contribute to you later in life.

Speaking at the event, teacher Ciaran Callan said: “There was much excitement at the Dundalk Grammar Junior School on Wednesday as Dundalk FC’s impressive 2019 trophy haul was presented to the students of the school.

“Liam Burns and DKIT student Sophie Watters have been regular visitors to the school in recent months as they have been coaching the students in football. Such as has been the success of this coaching the school will have an after school football club starting in January with teacher Mr. Ciaran Callan.
“After Community Coach Liam Burns spoke to the students of the importance of the club to the local area and the town of Dundalk the students then asked questions about all aspects of the club. Some were tricker than others especially when he was asked who his current favourite player was !
“Liam also stressed the importance of the students utilising their individual talents and to keep learning and developing those talents no matter what it may be.
“There are many Dundalk FC fans in the school and some have travelled with the team far and wide to support them this season. There was much excitement when the students got to see the trophies up close and get their hands on them.
“Junior School Principal Elaine Lait and all the staff at the school would like to thank Liam Burns and Sophie Watters for making this possible and the students look forward to visiting Oriel Park next season for a match to cheer on Vinny Perth and players.
“They wish the players all the best in 2020 and C’Mon the town!”